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This accredited e-course aims to train young people and anyone wishing to learn how to conduct youth-led research in order to inform and influence social policy. The e-course is supported with a Training Handbook, and is the result of years of working with young people from all walks of life.

E-course content & cost

The e-course is structured around the following modules:

  • Baseline questionnaire
  • Module 1: Youth-led research for social policy
  • Module 2: Toolkit for carrying out youth-led qualitative research
  • Module 3: Toolkit for conducting interviews and focus groups
  • Module 4: Qualitative research in practice
  • Module 5: Organising, analysing and presenting qualitative data
  • CPD Test
  • Exit questionnaire
  • Reading List & Referrals

SucSuccessful completion will lead to CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Certification. Where young people take part and are registered with one of our Erasmus+ funded projectsYouthPass Certification is also provided.

The e-course can be paused and completed in your own time. It takes approximately 6 non-stop hours to fully complete all modules and take the test. Additional reading material are also provided for further learning and research.

Target groups:

  • Teachers in primary and secondary schools as well as academies and colleges
  • University staff
  • Practitioners working in the community to prevent the violent radicalisation of young people and group violence including gangs
  • Youth workers in formal and informal settings
  • Youth organisations
  • Youth policy makers.


This e-course is free for all young people below the age of 25 or to any student. To receive complimentary registration, please email e-courses@rj4all.uk with either your student ID or proof of age.

For those who are not student or below 25, as a non-profit institute, RJ4All is pleased to offer this e-course at the subsidised cost of £15.

This fee also includes the Training Handbook “Conducting youth-led research: Informing and influencing social policy” (RRP: £4.99).

For purchasing multiple accounts, the following discounts are offered:

  • 1 account £30
  • 3 accounts 5%
  • 5 accounts 10%
  • 15 accounts 12%
  • 20 accounts or more 15%

For group purchases, please email RJ4All courses & publications e-courses@rj4all.uk or call +44(0)7708758600

Click here to enroll