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“All practitioners and professionals in contact with victims should be trained, including police, court staff, prosecutors, lawyers, judges, victim support and restorative justice services” (EC Victims’ Directive, Article 25).

The RJ4All Institute is proud to release this CPD accredited e-course aiming to equip professionals and victims with the tools, knowledge and confidence when dealing with victims’ rights and safeguards in the justice system.

Focused on the rights and obligations of the EU Victims’ Directive 2012/29/EU “Establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime”, this e-course has been designed by international experts with a  focus on restorative justice (mediation, conferencing, circles, panels etc). 

The e-course is certified and accredited with a Continuous Professional Development status (20 points), which is an EU wide recognised qualification. Young people aged 17-30 who undertake the course will also be accredited with YouthPass

Upon successful completion of the e-course, the RJ4All graduate receives a Certificate with their CPD points and reference number. The e-course can be paused and completed at your own time. It takes 1 minute to sign up, and approximately 2 non-stop hours to fully complete all modules and take the test. As a non-profit NGO, RJ4All is pleased to subsidised this course package at £30 GBP. All proceeds will go towards our charitable objectives.

The full training package includes:

  • Online course 
  • Training manual, toolkit and accompanying documents
  • Background material to the Victim’s Directive, with focus on specific articles relating to restorative justice
  • Personal reflection and group discussion on case studies showing practical examples
  • CPD Certification (20 credits)
  • 20% discount on all RJ4All ebooks
  • 35% on any papers or issues of the Internet Journal of Restorative Justice.

Click here to enrol!