Fighting COVID19’s impact: Identifying and dealing with mental health issues

Fighting COVID19’s impact: Identifying and dealing with mental health issues

The COVID19 pandemic has had detrimental effects on all of us independently of whether we have been directly infected or not. The isolation and the virus’ socio-economic impact will continue irrespective of our age or background.

This certified e-course aims to train anyone wishing to learn how to improve their awareness and understanding of mental health problems and to be able to more effectively support people who are experiencing poor mental health especially in relation to the implications caused by COVID19. This includes service non-clinical professionals, healthcare users as well as friends, family members and work colleagues.

As with all RJ4All training programmes, this e-course aims to empower trainees, independently of background, to gain a voice on matters they feel passionate about. We place particular emphasis on supporting young people and youth workers as well as teachers and anyone offering youth services. This ecourse is also highly useful for any handlers of mental health help lines.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be able to know:

  • What is mental health
  • The importance of good mental health
  • Some of the contributing factors to mental health problems
  • What mental health problems are, the stigma and stereotypes that surround them and some common misconceptions
  • How social media can affect mental health
  • The different types of mental health problems and the effects they can have
  • How there are many things that can help or impede our mental health
  • What a mental health crisis is and how to support someone in crisis
  • Mental health during COVID19 and the long lasting effects it has caused
  • The practical support you can offer people and to yourselves including being able to work on a mental health help line.

Successful completion will lead to CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Certification.  At the end of the course, you will be able to download your CPD certificate (9 points/units)

Where young people take part and are registered with one of our Erasmus+ funded projectsYouthPass Certification is also provided.

The e-course can be paused and completed in your own time. It takes approximately 5 non-stop hours to fully complete all modules and take the test. Additional reading material are also provided for further learning and research.

Target Groups

  • Non-clinical professionals working with people experiencing mental health problems
  • Young people/ professionals independently of their background
  • Youth organisations and NGOs
  • Youth workers in informal and formal settings
  • Young people working with people experiencing mental health problems

The course material were put together by RJ4All experts who work in the field of mental health. They are independently assessed by external examiners from the CPD accreditation service.


This e-course is free for all young people/ professionals below the age of 25, or to any student. To receive complimentary registration, please email with either your student ID or proof of age.

For those who are not student or below 25, as a non-profit institute, RJ4All is pleased to offer this e-course at the subsidised cost of £10. We use these funds to support our Balancing Power Youth Programme including our COVID19 emergency relief project, and we do not make any profit.

For purchasing multiple accounts, the following discounts are offered:

  • 1 account £30
  • 3 accounts 5%
  • 5 accounts 10%
  • 15 accounts 12%
  • 20 accounts or more 15%

For group purchases, please email RJ4All courses & publications or call +44(0)7955728951

Course Curriculum


    These are unprecedented times and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and isolated. With the pandemic having such an impact on all of our lives, it is even more important that we feel comfortable dealing with our own and each other’s mental health and wellbeing. I am happy to have contributed to the creation of this eCourse and I hope that it can be of some use to you.
    I am a doctor working in Psychiatry in South London specialising in Forensic Psychiatry. I have been interested in working with people with mental health problems since secondary school and this interest is the main reason I chose to become a doctor. This has given me insight into the impact of mental illness upon a young person’s studies, their relationships and how they perceive themselves and the world around them. It has also made me realise the importance of early treatment, understanding and empathetic care and how this can transform a young person’s illness and enable them to continue to achieve their full potential. My other, powerful exposure to mental health problems amongst young people was during my time as a Nightline volunteer from 2012 – 2017. During this time I answered phone-calls from university students who were struggling with their mental health for a variety of reasons. This experience gave me a unique insight into the difficulties that young people face, such as societal expectations, social media pressures and battling with one’s own self-esteem and self-image. It is because of these experiences that I feel passionate about this issue and believe there is much more that can be done to raise awareness of mental health issues amongst young people and ultimately save a young person’s life. As a junior doctor working in Psychiatry I realise the importance of understanding and empathetic care and how this can transform young people and enable them to continue to achieve their full potential. I am proud to be supporting RJ4All with development of this eCourse.
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