Preventing violent youth radicalisation CPD e-Course

This CPD accredited e-course aims to train and support youth workers and other professionals working or volunteering in formal or informal educational settings. It aims to help them in their work on building the knowledge, skills, capacity and resilience of young people with the ultimate objective of preventing violent youth radicalisation and group violence.

E-course content & cost

The e-course is currently offered for free. It is funded by Southwark Council’s Positive Futures Fund as part of RJ4All’s “My Voice – My Future” project.

The e-course is structured around the following modules:

  • Baseline questionnaire
  • Module 1: Induction to restorative justice theory and practice
  • Module 2: Understanding the violent youth radicalisation phenomenon
  • Module 3: Human Rights in the context of violent youth radicalisation & prevention
  • Module 4: Non-formal education
  • Module 5: Positive psychology and the Good Lives Model
  • Module 6: Dealing with stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination
  • Case studies
  • CPD Test
  • Exit questionnaire
  • Reading List & Referrals

Successful completion will lead to CPD and/ or YouthPass Certification.

The e-course can be paused and completed in your own time. It takes approximately 8 non-stop hours to fully complete all modules and take the test. Additional reading material are also provided for further learning and research.

Donations are kindly requested to continue supporting our charitable objectives. To donate and support RJ4All click here

Target groups:

  • Teachers in primary and secondary schools as well as academies and colleges
  • University staff
  • Practitioners working in the community to prevent the violent radicalisation of young people and group violence including gangs
  • Youth workers in formal and informal settings
  • Youth organisations
  • Youth policy makers.

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